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The Referral EngineNormally I don’t do a ton of book promotions, but this one is different. It’s a wonderful  book by our friend John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and now The Referral Engine. This book is full of referral marketing ideas on how to get your customers talking about you so you can keep that steady flow of business coming your way.

My favorite part of the book, (other than page 13-14 and 200 where VerticalResponse is featured!) is the chapter called “Snack-sized Suggestions” where he calls out specific businesses and gives great examples for referral marketing programs.

If you do buy the book, send a copy of your receipt to and you’ll receive a special link to download a bonus library or referral ideas.

Ductape Marketing

John did some great marketing around the launch of this book. It’s packed full of real world examples of companies that do some really great referral marketing. So what did he do? He practices what he preaches of course!

He sent me excerpt from the book about one of these very companies, Sweetriot. They make chocolate in a socially responsible way. The book illustrates how they make training an integral part of their culture which spurs employees to become ambassadors of their products, even if selling isn’t what they do.

In the note, John asked me to share my thoughts about the book on our blog because he knows we have an audience that likes to learn new ways to market. On top of this he also included a tin of Sweetriot’s yummy chocolate in the mailing.

Great idea? You bet. I got introduced to a great new product, I’m blogging about them now, and I think the book is really terrific.

What are you doing in terms of referral marketing? This book will give you some really great ideas!

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  • Drew Hunt

    I totally agree, the larger and deeper connections you make with your network the more referrals you will receive. Referrals is the most effective way to build a business. While you can’t directly control how referrals are made, you can create an environment in which they can be made easily. If you want to learn more about how to get greater referrals check out this free ebook (

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